Do you know how to pay for and get into your top college of choice?

Let me teach you how to make sense of all the information out there about financial aid, how to focus on the right things for résumé building, and how to put together an application that makes the scholarship selection committee’s job easy.

Know you are making thoughtful, informed decisions to help you or your child afford the best education.

Discovery Call - FREE

15 minutes

During this intro call you will articulate your needs and goals and allow me to assess what resources, support and guidance I can offer as you work to develop your goals.

Scholarship Strategy Session - $147

30 minutes

We will meet over video conference to discuss the scholarship winner’s mindset, strategies to search for scholarships, and submitting competitive applications with an extensive Q&A session.

Scholarship Strategy Intensive - $247

1 hour

We will meet over video conference to discuss a holistic overview of searching and applying for scholarships including submitting applications with essays, résumé, personal statement, recommendation letters, and interviews.

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