How I Won a Full Scholarship For Life

College can be the most life-changing years of one’s life. But what about after you graduate? Recent statistics show that the average debt of students graduating from a university is around $37,312 and the average payment per month is around $393 dollars per month. Doing the math shows that taking out student loans can eat away at your income after college. But what if you can get the best of both worlds by gaining an outstanding education and graduate debt-free. What if you were guaranteed to have your bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees paid for? In this article I will drop some secrets about why Colleges have paid me to attend their institution. All you need is the right strategy, story, and discipline.

Winning scholarships, to pay for college, can be difficult, but anyone can win a scholarship. The most competitive scholarships are reserved for students with high merits, a compelling story, and a strong conviction to win. These scholarships are available and are waiting for someone, like you, to take home their award. Let’s begin with important points and tips that helped me to Win a Full College Scholarship For Life.

Scholarship Search Strategy

First, find your scholarship search strategy. This strategy begins with how people find information in the age of technology. We search Google. Using Google is a great way to find scholarships, but you still need to know what keywords to Google. A significant aspect of the search strategy is determining whether the scholarship is a good fit for the applicant.

To win a scholarship you need a solid application. The criteria for a great application changes based on the scholarship and the candidate applying. Find scholarships that fit your characteristics. You win scholarships for what makes you different, for your past accomplishments, passions, trials and triumphs. You win for what makes you stand out. Use your distinguishing factors to drive your scholarship search. Find scholarships offered by organizations you would someday join.

Compelling Story

The information that helps you stand out, that makes you the perfect fit for that scholarship application is called your compelling story. The scholarship committee responsible for declaring you the winner of the scholarship is looking for reasons to award you. Use your compelling story to give them a reason. For example, I came across the following essay prompt: “Why is math your favorite subject?” This was a rather simple question, but my answer provided an in-depth explanation of my passion for math, its importance for my career aspirations, and even the trials involved with pursuing this subject. The trial was school’s decision to replace the AP Calculus class with an online class supported by a general aide. The story concluded with the triumph of my petitioning the school which led to the restoration of the AP Calculus class with an instructor and the sense of accomplishment that I gained from using my voice to stand up for what I believed in.


Punctuality matters a lot to be considered as a strong candidate for a scholarship. If your application is submitted late it may not be accepted, or could be devalued because of late submission. Either way, the best thing you can do is complete your application before the due date. Below are tips for making sure that you turn in your application well before the deadline. Include scholarship deadlines in your search strategy. You want to find scholarships where the deadlines are spaced reasonably well so that you have enough time to complete a competitive application. The time necessary for a solid application can change depending on the requirements of the scholarship. Start your application as soon as possible. This sounds simple, but is a key fact. Even if you find the perfect scholarship, if you wait until the final day to start your essay, your chances of winning decrease. Find a scholarship that is meaningful to you. Applying to a meaningful scholarship means that you will be motivated to create a high quality application because the scholarship has captured your interests. If you need letters of recommendation, give the reference at least 3 weeks notice before the deadline. The last thing you want is to miss your scholarship deadline waiting for a recommendation. Besides, you don’t want to give your reference too little time because they might produce a poor recommendation.

What A Scholarship For Life Looks Like

A Scholarship For Life covers your bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. For a professional seeking to reach a top position in industry, having the ability to get paid to go to school is an ideal scenario. With a scholarship for life, you could reach new heights at your convenience. Winning one of the top scholarships is not guaranteed, but people win these scholarships every year. I am humbled to be one of them and I hope to help more students earn this opportunity. I offer coaching services and you can find more information about The Scholar’s Key services by clicking this link .

Debt Free College Education is a Great Investment

Debt is a serious responsibility to take on, and we can all agree that it would be better not to have to give away a part of your earnings each month, years after you graduate college and land your dream job. This money could be invested into a retirement account or used to help pay for your wedding, a brand-new car, or the startup costs for your business. The money you save could be invested into your future. Get all the rewards of college but you also get none of the post-graduation loan payments.

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